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dc.contributor.advisorLinne, Kevin
dc.contributor.advisorKneisel, Peter
dc.contributor.authorSchick, Franka
dc.description.abstractInterfaces that not only offer functionality but do so with the experience of the end user in mind have become something that is expected by most. Inside the medium-sized Fabrik19 AG, a web application is needed to upload and manage various clients’ media files for usage in their projects. Two tools already used internally by employees for this purpose are lacking in user-friendliness. To enable customers to manage their media independently, the decision was made to unite their functionality in a single application that focuses on intuitive interface design. Established UX design methods are explored to define requirements and create a concept for the interface. The creation of Personas and a User Journey allows a deeper understanding of the new, extended user base. Wireframes are used to visualize ideas, presented in two possible versions. The process of selection from these versions is achieved through empirical data, collected in the form of a survey. Based on this data, an interactive prototype is created and evaluated through usability testing. Results show that test subjects who are new to the use of the application can, when presented with the prototype, successfully execute a majority of basic tasks. A web-based front end is then implemented, following the prototype. By integrating user experience design into the development process, it is attempted to show how different UX methods can be applied to improve the resulting application.de
dc.format.extent78 S.de
dc.titleUser Experience Design und Implementierung eines webbasierten Medienverwaltungstoolsde
dc.typeAbschlussarbeit (Bachelor)de
dcterms.accessRightsopen accessde

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