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dc.contributor.advisorKneisel, Peter
dc.contributor.advisorKuczera, Andreas
dc.contributor.authorEnns, Sebastian
dc.description.abstractThis Thesis explores the utilization of data-oriented programming concepts in web technologies to improve software management and enhance data accessibility in the Digital Humanities field. Combining computational methods with traditional Humanities practices, the Digital Humanities field seeks to study and analyze cultural and historical information. However, efficiently handling and examining the increasing volume of data, particularly in creating scholarly digital editions, poses significant challenges. By employing a comprehensive methodology involving literature analysis, use cases, concept development, and project implementation, this research investigates the potential of data-oriented design and programming to streamline digital edition development. Data-oriented design organizes code and data, improving efficiency in managing and analyzing complex data sets while ensuring scalability and maintainability over time. Through two case studies, namely The Socinian Correspondence and Hildegardis Bingensis projects, the practical implementation of developed data-oriented programming concepts in web applications for the Digital Humanities is demonstrated. These projects highlight the flexibility, maintainability, and modularity of digital editions. The findings validate the effectiveness and potential of data-oriented programming concepts in digital edition development, contributing to advancements in the Digital Humanities field. Addressing limitations and exploring architecture-level concepts, technical constraints, and user perspectives are essential for future research and development. Therefore, this Thesis offers insights into improving software management and data accessibility, advancing the development of digital editions in the Digital Humanities.de
dc.format.extent96 S.de
dc.subjectData-oriented programmingde
dc.subjectWeb technologiesde
dc.subjectSoftware managementde
dc.subjectData Accessibilityde
dc.subjectDigital Humanitiesde
dc.subjectComputational Methodsde
dc.subjectScholarly Digital Editionsde
dc.subjectData-Oriented Designde
dc.subjectCode Organizationde
dc.subjectSocinian Correspondencede
dc.subject.ddc000 Informatik, Informationswissenschaft und allgemeine Werkede
dc.subject.ddc300 Sozialwissenschaftende
dc.subject.ddc900 Geschichte und Geografiede
dc.titleConcepts of Data-Oriented Programming for Web Technologies in the Digital Humanitiesde
dc.title.alternativeKonzepte daten-orientierter Programmierung für Web Technologien in den digitalen Geisteswissenschaftende
dc.typeAbschlussarbeit (Master)de
dcterms.accessRightsopen accessde

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